Exclusive Autumn 2011 Telly Highlights Preview

  1. Robert Peston’s Power Shower Hour (BBC1) Daily 60 minute round up of business news, comment and financial forecasts presented by the BBC economics editor from his newly installed power shower. Contains nudity.
  2. Hammerhead Goes To College (Channel 4, T4)Hammerhead Goes To College Lighthearted family comedy in the ‘Happy Days’ mould following the hilarious hijinks of the minor Star Wars character and his frat buddies during their first semester at Space Harvard University. Today’s Episode: Hammerhead separately asks twin sisters to the senior prom, with predictably side-splitting results. Contains nudity.
  3. Come Mine With Me (ITV3) Gastrochallenge show in which four Chilean miners trapped 200ft underground take turns to prepare imaginary three course meals accompanied by a needlessly withering narration, the winner rewarded with first choice on which of the other contestants to eat first.
  4. Egg Format (BBC Four) Magazine show covering the exciting world of home computing and in particular the latest egg based operating systems. In today’s show the Scrambletron 5000 gets put through it’s paces, and we examine the rise of toast as a replacement for the humble floppy disk. Subtitles 888.